Product Information

The first completely repositionable dampening device available for your bow.

The HUSHPUK® is designed to affix to any location on the bow,
including all accessories, sights, cams, rests, etc.

The HUSHPUK® works great on crossbows! Reduce noise and vibration!

Apply HUSHPUK® to game calls such as rattling devices and slate calls to
increase tonal dimension and add realism to your calling sequences.

Our special Polymer material allows HUSHPUK® to stick securely to the bow surface,
with the additional advantage of being repositionable without losing sticking strength.
No other dampening product can duplicate this performance.

Installation Instructions:  

  • Thoroughly clean the area to be applied with denatured alcohol and let air dry completely.  
  • Remove paper backing and apply HUSHPUK to desired location.  
  • Simply peel off HUSHPUK and reposition for optimal performance.  
  • If HUSHPUK loses adhesiveness, wipe clean with denatured alcohol and let dry completely.  
  • Avoid prolonged exposure to extreme heat and direct sunlight. 
  • Avoid prolonged exposure to rain and harsh elements.

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